Spreads the cost of a major investment


Hire purchase (or lease purchase) lets you spread the purchase cost of an asset over a longer period with fixed regular payments. It can be designed to suit your business and we offer flexibility in the level of your deposit, fixed payments and where applicable a final lump sum. 


  • Flexible repayments 

  • You can choose to reduce your monthly payments by paying a larger sum at the end (known as a Balloon Payment).

  • Allows you to offset against the Annual Investment Allowance & thereby reduce any potential tax liabilities. You may also be able to offset repayment interest against your profits and reclaim VAT (rules apply).

  • Stay in control

  • Fixed and Variable rates are available depending on type of facility selected and asset required.

  • From Jan 1st 2019, the Annual Investment Allowance increases to £1m per calendar year, funding an asset via HP can help you utilise this allowance and therefore offset tax.

Finance lease affords you all the economic benefits of ownership with fixed rentals and VAT spread over the term of the agreement. The funder purchases the asset then rents it to you over an agreed term, for a small initial outlay plus 

a fixed monthly outlay that's tailored to meet your cash flow needs. When the lease term is over, you don't own the asset - but you have the ability to extend the agreement or the asset can be sold and you will be refunded the majority of the sale price.

  • Reduce upfront costs

  • Monthly leasing means you don't have to pay a lump sum upfront. This could help with your cash flow. 

  • Reduce tax

  • Only VAT on lease payments. You may also be able to offset leasing costs against taxable profit. 

  • Flexible repayments 

  • Lease payments could be tailored to match your cash flow.


We buy the asset and lease it to you

With an operating lease, the funder retains ownership of the asset and you pay a fixed monthly rental to use it. This lets you acquire high value or specialist equipment without taking on the risk of it losing value.


  • Protect investment

  • With operating lease, you're protected from the risk of an asset losing value.

  • Flexible lease terms

  • Choose a fixed interest rate and tailor your payments to match your seasonal cash flow.

  • Improved cash flow

  • We fix a residual value for the asset, which will reduce your monthly payments.

  • Reduced tax payments


The asset could be off your balance sheet so you may be able to offset payments against taxable profits (special rules apply). You can also usually reclaim VAT on the asset.


We buy the asset, we build in a residual value which reduces monthly payments and at the end of the agreement you have the option of purchase, hand back or sale

We buy your asset and lease it back to you


Sale and leaseback transfers ownership of your existing assets from the owner to the funder. You then continue to use the assets, effectively leasing them from the funder for a monthly fee.

Using this process frees up cash for your business – and could help you more effectively measure the cost of buying, financing, maintaining and disposing

of your assets.


  • Boost cash flow

  • When you sell your asset to the funder, the money goes straight into your cash reserves – ready for you to spend.

  • Easier budgeting

  • Leasing your old asset from us will fix your monthly payments, helping you plan your finances.

  • Upgrade potential

Re-finance existing assets in order to release funds back into the business that could be used to strengthen cashflow, as a deposit against another purchase


When most people think of asset finance, they only think of a case in which they obtain finance to buy new / used assets. However, another option available is asset refinancing. This allows a business to re-finance assets that they already own, freeing up additional working capital. As with asset finance, a business will then make agreed monthly payments over the next few years. Asset refinancing is often available on vehicles, equipment and machinery that was either previously financed, or on equipment

that has been bought outright. 

With some equipment within your business having a longer life span, refinancing such assets is a great way to release the capital tied up in the asset for additional working capital.


If you need capital, for any business purpose, and you have assets within your company, whether those assets are machinery, equipment, vehicles or other high value items, we can find refinancing solutions to provide the capital you are seeking without having to request a revision of your credit terms with your primary bankers.


Refinancing provides flexible asset finance secured against high-value items, which can be repaid in manageable installments. It’s not unusual for companies to invest in costly equipment when times are good, but then find themselves cash poor if sales fall to weather the storm. Refinancing your assets in such circumstances, could free up the funds you need, for whatever you need them for, from a big marketing drive to specialist staff training.

Refinancing offers the best of both worlds, as opposed to selling off assets; you can still use the asset in question at the same time, as capitalising on a cash injection straight into your business.


Asset finance is all about lending based on the value of your assets not your financial past. As the finance is secured against an asset, lenders are often more interested in the credentials of the item that you are refinancing than your financial past, so this is a good option if you, or your business, has had problems obtaining credit in the past. 


Our experienced team will assess the items that you wish to borrow against to determine its value to try and find the most suitable lender and product. Original copies of paperwork and certification will be very useful in assessing the true value of your assets, and in some cases the lender may arrange an independent valuation.


Refinancing against assets you already own is a simple, straightforward way to free up cash within your business. Repayments will be made on a monthly basis in affordable installments, and as long as you stick to the payment schedule you will retain use of your asset while still enjoying the extra capital.


Refinancing is perfect for any business that is short on cash but has high-value assets. Some of the solutions we have provided include:

  •             Refinancing of plant machinery

  •             Refinancing of fleet vehicles


With the uncertainty of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, we have seen a rise in a number of businesses seeking to capitalise on the competitive rates in the market and releasing the capital currently tied up in their assets to build a cash reserve ahead of the outcome of the Brexit discussions.

Invoice finance can make your cash flow match your current sales ledger, without having to rely on someone else’s payments. This is crucial if you work in a fast-paced sector that needs to be responsive to the latest trends.

It is one of the easiest ways to speed up and maintain your cash flow. With invoice factoring and invoice discounting, you will see up to 90% of your invoice, as soon as you issue it. This is especially useful if you work in a sector such as retail where you are often required to offer extended terms of trading to secure a contract to supply. It also works well in a technical field, where you need lots of equipment to fulfill large contracts.


If you’re wondering about the difference between invoice factoring and invoice discounting, it’s actually very straightforward.


Invoice discounting


You issue an invoice, send your lender a copy, and they’ll pay you up to 90% of its value. When the invoice becomes due, you take full control of chasing it so your client relationships remain in your hands, and you send your lender the advance that they paid along with a small percentage fee. The types of invoice discounting we can source include:


Confidential Invoice Financing


Where you retain control of the entire sales ledger process and your customers are unaware of any third party involvement.


Invoice Discounting (Factoring) 


Where you discount every invoice and this is advanced by the lender. The lender acts as your credit control function and collects the payments directly from your client. 


It’s worth bearing in mind that Invoice Finance isn’t for all businesses. Lenders will typically only buy commercial invoices. If you do have commercial invoices, and you decide that Factoring is for you, then lenders will generally credit check your clients as part of their decision to accept the invoice. This means  you are more likely to deal with better-paying businesses in the long run.


Invoice finance means you are able to accelerate your business growth as the typical constraints placed on working capital through slow paying clients is removed. It means you are not reliant on someone else’s cash flow to maintain your balance, and you don’t have to turn down lucrative sales opportunities because of a lack of working capital.


F L E X I B L E   F I N A N C E   P A C K A G E S   F O R   Y O U R   B U S I N E S S

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